BLOODSTREAM  – YA Novel  (In Progress)

In the story Bloodstream, 15-year-old, Javier (“Javi”) struggles to cope with the disappearance of his father, the death of his mother and disturbing  physical changes in his 10-year old brother, Alex. Javi is forced to  run away with his brother in fear that Alex might transform again into what he can only explain as some unholy beast.  Javi knows he must keep Alex away from others by living in abandoned buildings outside of their town, knowing that his kid brother might kill again. Javi keeps a journal about their experiences to explain what precautions everyone should take if they find Javi by himself. Will Javi be able to find out why his brother has become this thing? Will he live long enough to find out the answers?

CAFE AZUCAR  – Novella (In Progress)

In the 1920’s, two impressionable sisters living in Logan Heights follow the life, loves and legendary film career of their favorite actress – Dolores del Rio. While one idolizes the actress as a stunning goddess of film, the other sister is antagonized by the type of  characters often projected in her films. The Suarez sisters’ financial hardship force them to work endless hours (underage) as waitresses at Cafe Azucar to earn money for their family, often missing school to cover additional shifts. Although loving sisters, the two are torn apart by their very different views on how to handle constant prejudice, how to maintain their cultural identity and how to strive for things that seem out of reach.  The reader follows both intelligent, strong-willed young women in how they choose the battles they fight and how it affects their family and future. There are tragic events in their poverty-stricken lives that devastate them.  However, their determination to rise above the hardship and make a success of their lives is truly inspiring.

THE QUALITY OF SOUND – Adult Novel (In Progress)

A young woman meets a new resident in her building. She hears rumors about his tragic past and sympathizes with him being alone – like her. She finds his social awkwardness endearing and fails to recognize how subtly dangerous he seems to others in her building.  With all of his odd, erratic behaviors, she questions how close she should get to him. She wants to be a good person and try to make a difference in his life….but at what price?

GHOST STORY – Adult Novel (In Progress)

INTO TEMPTATION  – Adult Novel (In Progress)

THREADS – YA Novel (In Progress)

THE  GOOD IN BAD TIDINGS – Adult Novel (In Progress)