Excerpt: “And suddenly we all frantically ran in different directions, most of us in bare feet, bloodied by the broken glass scattered across the sidewalks. We were all swept up from behind by the merciless waves of the tsunami, batting us against walls and windows and the bodies of strangers. We struggled to keep our heads high, our mouths open gasping for air, with stretched out fingers reaching for anyone or anything to grab onto, to stop the momentum. In the end, we were all mangled things, beyond recognition. We prayed that our broken bodies would be found and put to rest properly.  Our prayers would be in the form of whispers breathed into the ears of our loved ones – We are here. Find us.”

BLOODLINE  – YA Novel  (In Progress)

In Bloodline, 15-year-old, Eric Garcia struggles to cope with disappearance of their mother, death of his father and sudden physical changes in his younger brother, Max. Eric is forced to run away with a deranged brother, who transforms without warning into an unholy beast. Eric knows he must keep Max away from others by living in abandoned buildings outside of their town, knowing that his kid brother might kill again. Eric keeps a journal about their experience to explain what precautions anyone should take if they find Max all alone. Will Eric be able to find out why his brother has become this beast? Will Eric live long enough to find out the answers?


cknowledging life around him. Instead, he chooses to function only by the limited responses that he allows into his guilt-ridden world.                                     

         In the play entitled, “Vicarious,” two complex characters deal with grief and guilt.  Steven struggles to make his life feel complete by living vicariously through his brother’s actions and experiences.  Once coaxed out of his guilt-ridden world, Darian begins to pursue a life of his own; leaving the disturbing memories of the accident and his disabled brother behind. Steven and Darian learn how to let go of the past on their own terms, but not without letting go of each other.  The characters serve as vehicles in which to examine relationships in the midst of tragedy and how to rise above the pain. It creates questions about what is meant by a higher quality of life. Certain events can change the course of an individual’s life, but what you do with the life experiences is what later defines you…as Steven and Darian discover.

LITTLE MISS PERFECT – Children’s Story (Complete)

Meet a feisty fifth grader name Elena who strives to be perfect in every subject. She brags to her classmates about the “Excellent” stickers that she receives on all of her assignments. “I’m the best student in the class!” she boasts.  Elena becomes flustered when her class nemesis, “Cheese-Boy,” receives an “Excellent” sticker. She become furious when she received a “Good” sticker on the same assignment. Accustomed to receiving the highest praise in class, Elena is frustrated by her sticker and interprets her “Good” effort as being average, which will never do.

In the story that I’m proposing entitled, Little Miss Perfect, Elena strives to impress her favorite teacher by setting herself apart as the best student, best artists, best athlete, best musician, best everything in the class – All of which is exhausting and alienates her from the other students. This heart-felt, humorous story serves as a commentary on how society can pressure people – of all ages – to be perfect, especially in the classroom. Although obtaining good grades can serve as a measure of academic effort, it’s equally as important to recognize that being “perfect” doesn’t make you better than anyone else. In the end, Elena discovers that combining the strengths of others on a group project can create the greatest reward.

INTO TEMPTATION  – Adult Novel (In Progress)

A young woman meets a new resident in her building. She hears rumors about his having a tragic passed and sympathizes about him being alone – like her. She finds his social awkwardness endearing and fails to recognize how subtly dangerous he seems to others in her building. For every encounter with her new neighbor, she questions how close to get to him, with all of this odd, erratic behaviors. She wants to be a good person and try to make a difference in his life….but at what price.

QUESTIONABLE GAYNE – Stage Play (Complete)

MANA AT MIDNIGHT – Children’s Story (In Progress)

THREADS – YA Novel (In Progress)

THE QUALITY OF SOUND – Adult Novel (In Progress)

THE  GOOD IN BAD TIDINGS – Adult Novel (In Progress)