Transported – by Lisa Balderston

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Transported – Act Two

Transported – Act One

TRANSPORTED – Originally the winner of the Local Flavor Stage Reading Competition at the Scripps Ranch Theatre, will now be performed on stage at the PowPAC Theatre during the 2021-2022 season, running January 28 – February 20, 2022.

This heart-felt, thought-provoking play is about two women who lose their gay sons in a mass shooting. Once close friends while their sons dated, they drift apart after the funerals. Two years later, they run into each other during a late subway ride home. Initially, they exchange basic pleasantries to catch up on the latest in their lives. The conversation takes a turn when they reveal how much their lives have truly changed, filled with regrets and resentments. Will they ever come to terms with the pain of losing their sons? Will they ever find peace in their current lives?

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THE SUM OF SISTERHOOD: This short play gained recognition by The Scripteasers as an Honorable Mention winner during their annual Short Play Competition and was later performed by local actresses. 

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The Sum of Sisterhood is about two sisters who desperately want the same college scholarship that covers the cost of tuition, room/board and, more importantly, a way out of their very questionable neighborhood. The banter between them can be intense, even brutal at times, but is also an interesting look at what a person is capable of doing in order to rise out of poverty when the alternative is grim.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE: This short play gained recognition by The Scripteasers who requested that it be performed during one of their Zoom Reading sessions. 

When Christina Alvarez decides to attend the Celebration of Life of her former high school English teacher, it’s not to pay her respects to the well-respected educator. Memories from Christina’s senior year still haunt her, memories of a teacher who made her life miserable. How does she confront a ghost about events that happened 25 years ago? Can she find peace in the comfort of a church, in the company of a stranger, and in front of a deceased teacher’s larger-than-life photo at the alter?